"Feeling Great"

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Since the release of the Feeling Great album, the title track has caused a buzz on the airwaves leaving people ‘Feeling Great’ with elements of positive energy and encouragement through the message.

Feeling Great is enriched with 15 varied tracks of solid music with messages that have been able to somehow encapsulate the minds of the people. 

The different moods of the album has highlighted to music listeners, the very God-given talent that Ras Charmer has been gifted with, as there is a track to suit all lovers of great conscientious music. 

The album can be found on all digital download sites and has been distributed worldwide by VPal  

Ras Charmer’s latest project has been to premier his new video from the album title track ‘Feeling Great’ directed by IceyJay Film Factory in Jamaica.  Both the track and video ‘Feeling Great’ have left an impression on the listeners and viewers and has jointly been in the top 10 countdowns to the No.1 spot for 4 weeks consecutively on Hype TV Jamaica and Stylez FM Radio Jamaica.  

Added to his recorded works with some of the best Reggae production houses in Europe, Ras Charmer has currently released singles like ‘Keep I Calm’, ’Can’t Let It Go’ and ‘Love is All We Have’.   

All three tracks will also appear on the upcoming album ‘Hard Knocks’ produced on the Peckings Record Label, which continues to mark another notch in their great history.  

‘You’re A Part Of My Soul’ was released concurrently on the Flava Mcgregor Label, along with Vinylgems UK based label who released ‘Its Only Love’ in late 2016.  

There’s no stopping Ras Charmer, he again, has been blazing up the airways with his new single ‘Real Bredda Bredda’ out there on the Buzwakk Record Label. 

The music and message of Ras Charmer tells His story, so If you ever get the chance to see this trailblazer perform live, don’t let it pass you by.