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Ras Charmer Announces NEW ALBUM "Hard Knocks"


Ras Charmer continues to testify to the world his raw, inborn talent that he has been gifted with by The Creator.

Finally, the release of the long anticipated and talked about album ‘Hard Knocks’, produced on the Peckings Record Label has emerged to all listeners out there.  

The album ‘Hard Knocks’ is a display of Ras Charmer’s commitment, hard work and how he has perfected his art of song writing, along with his deliverance of recordings and appearances on the stage, which he absolutely desires.

The title track of the album ‘Hard Knocks’ is a compilation of the 14 tracks that highlight chapters of Ras Charmer’s life and musical journey out of the ‘School Of Hard Knocks’.

The album includes a dynamic collaboration with US based reggae band “New Kingston’ titled ‘Most High Reigns’, which is an added bonus, as the vocals of the band members blend in flawlessly with the vocals of Ras Charmer.

Chris Peckings and Ras Charmer’s teamwork illustrates his versatility when synchronizing his vocals, mixing with the selected flavors of classic, vintage rhythm tracks, known to many veterans within the music industry.  

All 14 Tracks have been recorded and mixed by engineer Carlton McLeod aka Dillie at Stingray Recording Studio. The three singles currently released from the album are ‘Keep I Calm’, ’Can’t Let It Go’ and ‘Love is All We Have’.   

Through his music Ras Charmer is exceptional how he spreads his messages about environmental, economical, physical, emotional and spiritual predicaments that are faced by people daily.

The listeners can relate to any track of their choice, as Ras Charmer genuinely sings about the difficulties and realities of life that he too faces living in worldwide Babylon (confusion).

The 14 solid tracks of roots, culture and lover’s rock enriched with peace, love and harmony evolves musically for every man, woman, child, relationship, friendship and for all humanity to receive and be spiritually uplifted.


Album Title:  Hard Knocks  Produced by:  Peckings Record Label

"Feeling Great"
Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.40.39 AM.png

Since the release of the Feeling Great album, the title track has caused a buzz on the airwaves leaving people ‘Feeling Great’ with elements of positive energy and encouragement through the message.

Feeling Great is enriched with 15 varied tracks of solid music with messages that have been able to somehow encapsulate the minds of the people. 

The different moods of the album has highlighted to music listeners, the very God-given talent that Ras Charmer has been gifted with, as there is a track to suit all lovers of great conscientious music. 

The album can be found on all digital download sites and has been distributed worldwide by VPal. 

Ras Charmer’s latest project has been to premier his new video from the album title track ‘Feeling Great’ directed by IceyJay Film Factory in Jamaica.  Both the track and video ‘Feeling Great’ have left an impression on the listeners and viewers and has jointly been in the top 10 countdowns to the No.1 spot for 4 weeks consecutively on Hype TV Jamaica and Stylz FM Radio Jamaica.  

There’s no stopping Ras Charmer, he again, has been blazing up the airways with his new single ‘Real Bredda Bredda’ out there on the Buzwakk Record Label. 

The music and message of Ras Charmer tells his ‘Feeling Great’ story, so as mentioned before, don’t let his live recordings and stage performances ever pass you by!